Chase Offield Wins The 2019 Masters Tournament

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – Day One

Our freshmen made great strides in showing up the “old guys” on Day One this year. Costa Rica blessed
our anglers with some good fishing and the Spanish Fly took the lead early and kept it with 14 releases
by our Top Angler, Freshman Shon Craig with 480 points, and number two angler, Chase Offield, on the
day. Many thanks to Rodger Comstock aboard Dragin Fly for starting the party and ringing the closing
bell with the first fish released at 8:36 am and our last at 3:53! Scott Rickert released the fastest fish of
the day from War Party in 1 minute 40 seconds and at day’s end the Masters had logged 102 releases

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 – Day Two

Angler Eric McDowell and Master Angler Dale Creamer kept the Spanish Fly at the top of the overall
leader board Day Two with eleven releases between them and McDowell even came close to catching
the Top Daily Angler, Chase Offield, with 405 and 490 points respectively. Crush Em took Top Boat
honors for the day with Scott Rickert and Freshman angler Rick Stavola picking off a steady 13 fish
throughout the day. Congrats to Carmine Galati on the day’s fastest fish at 1 minute 20 seconds and to
David Finklestein who logged the first release of the day at 8:39 am aboard Dragin Fly. The highest
honor of the day went to Master Angler Pete Boinis fishing aboard Machushla – event number 142 will
forever be remembered at the Grand Master’s 250 th release. Congratulations, Pete!

Thursday, April 4, 2019 – Day Three

Dawn came early on Day Three and at the anglers’ breakfast you would never know what was on the
line. Master Angler Chase Offield was challenged with hanging on to his top spot and for the crew of the
Spanish Fly the same held true. Dragin Fly was looking for a hat trick on the day’s last fish, the Pete
Boinis Award was still within reach and quite a few anglers were close to the top sailfish release
numbers. Fast fishing and a modicum of luck had the potential to scramble the leader board! And that’s
exactly what happened…Freshman Dennis Coleman put the heat on a sail at 2:49 PM and won the
Fastest Fish AKA The Pete Boinis Award with a 49 second fight. Our fearless leader, Chairman Sam Peters
managed a fast day of fishing, Top Daily Angler honors with 570 points and cinched the Top Boat
position for the Spanish Fly. Master Angler Carmine Galati continued a steady (and may I add stealthy?)
push that captured the third place spot and Master Angler Chase Offield did what he has been known to
do in the past…win!