The International Masters Angling Tournament will again be held in beautiful Costa Rica for the 2019 tournament, its 56th year.

On April 3, 2019, the anglers of the Masters will leave the dock at Los Suenos Resort in search of Pacific Sails and Striped Marlin.

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2019 will be the third Masters Tournament held in the Pacific.

The beautiful Los Suenos Resort and Marina will be the site for the 2019 Masters, the third ever held in the Pacific where anglers will be seeking, not Atlantic Sailfish, but Pacific Sailfish and Striped Marlin.

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Welcome To The Masters

The International Masters Angling Tournament, or The Masters as it is called,  is truly a unique sailfishing tournament founded in 1963 by John Rybovich and a group of friends. It is often described as the ultimate test of an individuals angling skills.

Anglers compete individually

in a sailfishing tournament with unique rules designed to test the skills of each angler against fellow competitors.

Perhaps Steven Sloan said it best in the book celebrating the 25th anniversary of the tournament, The Mastery 1986, 25th Anniversary where he wrote the following.

The Masters Angling Tournament is one of America’s top amateur sporting events.  . . . It is physically tiring, it is mentally exhausting, and  it is socially demanding.  The foundations laid by John Rybovich, Charlie Johnson, and Pete Benoit in the 1960’s are still standing today.  The challenge has been put to us.  Do it without the help of the boat, without help of a barb, with the lightest of lines and with severe penalty for miscues.  Then do it all with a stop watch, and then do it all within 10 minutes or get nothing for your efforts.  Do this all day for 4 days, sometimes in huge seas, and if you do it better than anyone else, step up for your winning jacket.

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Why I fish The Masters

Fishing in a dead boat tournament teaches you more about your angling skills than you can ever learn backing down  and using the boat to chase fish across the ocean.
Keith Beaty
The Masters is a combination of angling and adapting to different crews and boats. John Rybovich is responsible for establishing stringent rules for both the angler and boat. It is the only tournament where a participant can go backward.
Brad Watkins
Unique format of head to head competition,changing boats and anglers is challenging.
John Wendkos
I fish the Masters because of the great group of fun loving people that go a beautiful place and enjoy our common bond of spirited competition challenging the ever elusive Atlantic Sailfish.  And besides, my wife insists that we do it because of the marvelous friendships we have developed!
Rocky Franich
I appreciate the Master’s entire format which stresses sportsmanship and angling skills; unlike the big money “boat” tournamaents.
Punch Martyn
It’s a great challenge…to fish on four different boats/crews with four different angler rotating from side to side every hour is a great format and then catch the Sail dead boat is just a great concept. I love doing it one week a year. The friendships you develop with your fellow anglers are outstanding!!
Pat Healey
Having fished Tournaments most of my life there is not one that challenges the angler more than the Masters. When you come tight everything stops and all the emphasis shifts to you and your tackle. The exhilaration is second to none. If you want to understand why read our fishing rules.
Henry Cromwell
The most challenging angler tournament ever.
John Hundley