The Masters Log


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Twenty of the world’s most skilled and competitive anglers broke into pairs and boarded 10 boats for the first day of fishing after arriving at Villa Vera Marina via water taxi. This would be the second year that the Masters Invitational would fish the prime billfish waters surrounding Isla Mujeres, Mexico, after 18 years of combing the waters near Cancun. During last year’s event 24 anglers hooked into 149 sailfish, and spirits were high and primed for this next chapter in angling history about to take place over the next four days.  Nice weather with daytime temperatures ranging between 75 and 85 degrees along with moderate breezes from the East up to 15 knots would make for prime fishing conditions throughout the tournament.




Bill Evans of San Francisco, California, struck pay dirt early by releasing the first sailfish of the tournament aboard Captain Rubin Pina’s Chachalacha in 4:24. The first fish garnered 45 points. In addition to capturing the tournament’s First Sailfish Award, Evans remained hot throughout the day by releasing five more sails. Also fishing aboard the Chachalacha, Rocky Franich of Watsonville, California, released five sailfish. Timing is a critical factor in this tournament and it was evident in Franich collecting 285 points for his five fish and Evans earning 225 points for his six releases.    


The sailfish continued snapping throughout the day and the numbers quickly piled up. Freshman angler Robert Guarini from Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, released four sails and collected 220 points aboard the Generation with Captain Brad Wright. Dale Creamer from Ramsey, New Jersey, turned four releases into 260 points aboard the Trust Me Too skippered by Captain Steve Castellini.  The Lilly M,with Captain Brad Simonds at the wheel led Keith Beaty from Palm Beach, Florida, to seven releases worth 310 points, and his daily partner Jim Motsko of Ocean City, Maryland, to five sails good for 300 points. Twelve releases earned the Lilly M the High Boat Daily Award. Meanwhile, aboard the Sea D, Captain Tim Hyde had a banner day with Wayne Whippen, from Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Patrick Healey of Ocean City, New Jersey. Each angler turned five sails loose and both collected 320 points to share the High Daily Angler award on Day One. Healey, the defending Master Angler from 2011, also had the fastest release of the event with his last fish of the day at 23 seconds. In total, 60 sailfish were released by the Masters anglers. Daily team scores: Healey’s Hellions, 1,777.5; Beaty’s Beauties 1,460.



Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As the lines went in the water at 11:00 am, four anglers were in the 300 point class, followed by four more with 200 plus. In the Masters Invitational the skill level is high and finely honed, it does not take much to effect significant changes in the standings. Pat Healey went to work quickly and released his first fish 14 minutes after “Lines in” aboard the Generation. This would be a big day for the Ocean City, New Jersey, angler as he amassed 465 points with his seven releases and his second High Daily Angler award. His partner, Wayne Six from Frederick, Maryland, would add his two releases to bring the boat’s daily total to nine.  Dale Creamer, fishing aboard the Chachalacha collected 305 points for his six releases, while Freshman angler Robert Guarini continued to make waves by adding five more releases and 305 points to his tally card aboard the Sea Mistress with Captain Daryl Bower on the flying bridge. After a slow start yesterday, Lighthouse Point, Florida, angler Carl Doverspike released six sails good for 247.5 points aboard the Lilly M with Captain Simonds in spite of a broken line penalty on what would have been his seventh fish of the day, which nearly played a pivotal role in the final standings. Also aboard the Lilly M was John Wendkos from Margate, New Jersey, and his three releases and 215 points for the day gave the Lilly M its second High Boat Daily Award with nine fish, besting the Generation by time. Bill Evans aboard the Trust Me Too added four more releases and 265 points to his score. Also with four releases each was Fletch Creamer of Wyckoff, New Jersey, aboard the Ditch Digger with Captain Bruce Butera, and Keith Beaty aboard the Keen M with Captain Anthony Mendillo. Eddie Becker of Wellington, Florida, aboard the Ditch Digger had three releases. With two more releases than yesterday’s total of 60, the number of sailfish caught and turned loose in the first two days of fishing reached 122. Daily team scores: Healey’s Hellions, 1,835; Beaty’s Beauties, 1,612.5.



Thursday, May 3, 2012


Another good weather day presented itself to the tournament anglers, although the fish numbers would drop off compared to yesterday’s high of 62 releases. Pete Boinis of Boca Raton, Florida, fishing aboard the Chachalacha racked up five sailfish releases, matching Pat Healey’s five fish for the day aboard the Sea Mistress. Based on his faster time on each of his five fish, Boinis earned 280 points to Healey’s 250. Boinis also would collect the High Daily Angler award. Wayne Whippen also had time on his side collecting 240 points for his four sailfish aboard the Trust Me Too,while Carl Doverspike netted 235 points for five releases aboard the Sea D. His second fish, which he released within the first minute netted him 95 points and was the second fastest time of the tournament. Glenn Creamer of Saddle River, New Jersey, fishing with Healey on the Sea Mistress added three sails to the boat’s total catch earning it the High Boat Daily Award with eight releases and 225 points to his daily total. Chase Offield of Laguna Beach, California, fishing aboard the Keen M released three sailfish for 210 points. In total, 48 fish were released bringing the tournament totals to 170, or 54 more fish than last year’s Day 3 result. Daily team scores: Healey’s Hellions, 1,280; Beaty’s Beauties, 1,220.



Friday, May 4, 2012


As lines went in on the final day of the tournament, Pat Healey with 1,035 points held a 350 point lead over Dale Creamer, who was in second place with 685 points. Robert Guarini was third with 655 points; Wayne Whippen was fourth with 635; Keith Beaty was fifth at 555 points, and Carl Doverspike held the sixth slot with 552.5 points. Today’s fishing, however, was all about the threes. Not resting on his previous day’s High Angler laurels, Pete Boinis aboard the Trust Me Too quickly dispatched his first sail to collect 95 points. He would add two more sails to his efforts worth 160 points for his second High Daily Angler award in two days.  Chase Offield fishing on the Sea D managed to release three sails good for another 210 points. His daily partner Dale Creamer racked up 170 points for his three sail releases. Rocky Franich aboard the Sea Mistress added three sailfish to his total for 185 points. Carl Doverspike also had three fish on the Ditch Digger for another 185 points. Jim Motsko fishing with Captain K.T. Scott aboard the Got’m On earned 185 points for his three releases. Henry Cromwell of Jupiter, Florida, also aboard the Got’m On, gathered 175 points for his three fish. Tournament leader and ultimate tournament winner Pat Healey added 155 points for his three billfish fishing aboard the Lilly M, while his partner for the day Fletch Creamer netted 125 points for his three sailfish releases.  Lilly M also earned the Daily High Boat award with six releases. Wayne Six released three sails worth 145 points aboard the Good Grief with Captain John Brooks. The total scoring catch for the day was 42 fish bringing the tournament’s total to 212 releases and three lost fish to broken lines. Daily team scores: Healey’s Hellions, 1,315; Beaty’s Beauties, 1,135.



At days end, Pat Healey would remain at the top of the leader board in First Place to take Master Angler accolades scoring 1,190 points for 20 sailfish releases, with an average time of 4:22 per fish.


Second High Angler trophy would go to Dale Creamer with 855 points for 15 releases, with an average time of 4:55 per fish. Third High Angler was Carl Doverspike with 737.5 points for 15 releases, with an average time of 4:43 per fish.


High Daily Angler Awards:


Day 1  Pat Healey & Wayne Whippen @320 points w/32 seconds difference


Day 2  Pat Healey @ 465 points


Day 3  Pete Boinis @280 points


Day 4  Pete Boinis @ 255 points



Rybovich Category Winners:


Platinum: Pat Healey, 20


Gold:        Dale Creamer, 15


Silver:      John Wendkos, 6


Bronze:    Eddie Becker,  9



Rybovich Achievement Award:


Silver Pin:   Eddie Becker


Bronze Pin:  Chase Offield



Team Scores:  Healey’s Hellions: 6,207.5


Beaty’s Beauties:  5,427.5



Creamer Family Challenge:


Dale Creamer               855


Glen Creamer               495


Fletch Creamer             450



First sailfish:   Bill Evans aboard Chachalacha


Last sailfish:    Jim Motsko aboard Got’m On


Fastest sailfish release:  Pat Healey @ :23


Slowest sailfish release:  Pat Healey @ 9:49


Average time per fish:   5:12




Top Boats:


Lilly M    29 releases,  Captain Brad Simonds


Chachalacha   29 releases,  Captain Rubin Pina


Sea D             27 releases,  Captain Tim Hyde


Trust Me Too    21 releases,  Captain Steve Castellini



High Boat Daily:


Day One:   Lilly M  w/ 12 fish


Day Two:  Lilly M  w/ 9 fish


Day Three:  Sea Mistress w/ 8 fish


Day Four:  Lilly M  w/ 6 fish



High Captain Trophy:   Captain Brad Simonds, Lilly M



Total tournament statistics:



Events        215


Releases      212


Broken lines   3


Overtime fish  13


White marlin   1


Total fish


3 broken lines