John Rybovich Memorial

Master Angler Achievement Awards

Awards made at the 2013 Tournament

Diamond:  Pete Boinis

Platinum:  Wayne Whippen

Gold:  Packy Offield

Silver:  Miles Reis

Bronze:  Chase Offield

 Standings as of the end of the 2013 tournament

Diamond Award = 175+ fish

Platinum Award = 100 to 174 fish

Gold Award = 50 to 99 fish

Silver Award = 35 to 49 fish

Bronze Award = 20 to 34 fish

NamePrevious Total FishPrevious Award Earned2013 FishTotal Fish2013 Award Earned
Pete Boinis222Diamond4226Diamond
Carl Doverspike172Platinum5177Diamond
John Temple159Platinum3162Platinum
Brad Watkins143Platinum3146Platinum
John Hundley141Platinum3144Platinum
Punch Martyn130Platinum5135Platinum
Wayne Whippen120Platinum8128Platinum
Pat Healey119Platinum5124Platinum
Packy Offield81Gold
Rocky Franich85Gold388Gold
Dale Creamer69Gold776Gold
Keith Beaty70Gold575Gold
Henry Cromwell61Gold263Gold
Myles Reis49Silver1160Gold
John Wendkos41Silver647Silver
Eddy Becker38Silver543Silver
Chase Offield26Bronze935Silver
Richard Lazzara23Bronze427Bronze
Glenn Creamer13417
Jose Luis Astrain000